The Law Of Construction Disputes

3rd Edition
Informa Publishing, London
1st July 2010
ISBN-10: 1843119013
ISBN-13: 978-184311901

The Law of Construction Disputes covers the construction dispute process by analysing the main areas that can lead to disputes and how to effectively deal with them once they have arisen. The book combines theory and practice along with exact excerpts of the leading case decisions covering the entire spectrum of construction law and the disputes that arise.

"It should not be thought of a book that is only to be taken to and used at a hearing in case it is needed. It should be read thoroughly in any preparatory phase as it provides a good survey of the law and practice key and so that the many additional references, e.g., in the foot notes, can be pursued."
Humphrey Lloyd, International Construction Law Review [2011] ICLR 130.